Chrysalis Creation


When I was five, I discovered the magical touch of clay from our cottage lake.  I made tiny dishes and let them bake in the sun.  Almost 40 years later I took my first pottery class and creating with clay has been my passion ever since!

I am an intuitive potter and, as a result, each item I create is unique.  When I make a piece of pottery, my world narrows down to just me and the clay, and I feel calm and peaceful as the clay is transformed into the resulting sculpture, plaque, wall hanging, dish, plate, piece of jewelry, etc.  I generally use porcelain clay because I love its smooth 'feel' in my hands and it lends itself well to the light weight and delicacy of my butterfly and dragonfly pieces, and the jewelry that I love making.  It's also versatile enough to be used for my large vases, and wall art of various forms.

As you might guess, from the photo collage at the top of the page, I love butterflies.  I love their colours, their delicate form, their interesting shapes and their freedom as they dance & soar with the breeze.  Taking the above photographs on the Bruce Peninsula was really joyful for me.  The butterflies, dragonflies and nature scenes that I hand-paint on many of my smaller pieces reflect my love of nature and all that is beautiful.  My larger creations reflect my love of shape and texture.

I certainly enjoy creating with clay & it's my hope that people enjoy viewing the results.

As a member of the Pine Tree Potters' Guild (since 1999), I'm involved in various Guild activities, including teaching handbuilding classes and participating in our yearly Spring and Fall sales, which are held in the Aurora Cultural Centre.

I hope you enjoy looking around my website.

Kathryn Lloyd
Aurora, Ontario, Canada